Starting June Every Saturday - 6:30am to 9am

Starting from June,  join us every Saturday for a transformative morning as we embark on a unique fusion of Hot Yoga & Ice Bath led by our Yoga  instructor, Emilse and certified Wim Hof Instructor, Olivia.

This unique workshop consists of these below stages:

6:30 am: Start your day with invigorating Hot Vinyasa yoga, a 45-minute session designed to energize your body and awaken your senses.

7:15 am: Immerse yourself in the power of breathwork and meditation, a 45-minute practice to cultivate inner calm and clarity.

8:00 am: Dive into our rejuvenating Ice Bath session—a 45-minute opportunity for total revitalization, circulation enhancement, and group bonding, followed by group photos to capture the memorable experience.

8:45 am: As the class concludes, reflect on your journey and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

9:00 am: Indulge in a nutritious breakfast served in our cozy indoor lounge, connecting with fellow participants and nourishing your body post-practice.

Join us for this life-enhancing experience that will leave you feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the day. Unlock your inner potential with AURA!

Your Experience Includes:

– Immersive workshop guided by expert instructors.

– A warm welcome with a wellness shot to kickstart your journey.

– An AURA Yoga Mat and Towel (for use during the workshop).

– An AURA Water Bottle filled with our specially infused water to take home.

– A delicious breakfast in our cozy lounge, offering your choice of one dish from our set menu paired with a hot or cold drink of your preference.


What to bring for the workshop:

– Dress comfortably.

– Swimsuit: We suggest wearing your swimsuit under your clothing.

– An empty stomach: While not compulsory, it enhances the experience.

– Don’t forget to bring your warmest smile.

This offer does not include access to the swimming pool.



What time should I arrive for this class?

We advise our guests to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts.

At what time the breakfast are served?

Breakfast will be served in our lounge at 9am.

Does this experience include pool access?

This experience  does not include access to  swim in the pool, however you can take pictures from the pool deck.

Are we able to enjoy refreshments outdoors?

Refreshments  may only be served in our indoor lounge.

Does AURA provide complimentary parking service?

AURA offers complimentary valet parking through the St Regis hotel.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Tickets may be cancelled with a full refund if more than 7 days advance notice is given.

Refunds/ Amendments are not permitted under any circumstance outside of the cancellation and amendment policy. This includes, but is not limited to, change in personal circumstances, sickness, travel restrictions, or any circumstances related to Covid-19 which might prevent you from visiting.

Is advance notice required to amend the reservation?

3 days advance notice is required to amend your confirmed ticket date. Amendments may be made up to 60 days in advance and a maximum of 2 changes are permitted per booking, and subject to availability. Any difference in price for the selected date is due at time of amendment, please note refunds are not permitted for any amendments.

Starting June Every Saturday - 6:30am to 9am

AED 475 per person

Terms & Conditions


Starting June Every Saturday - 6:30am to 9am

AED 475 per person


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